Health Visitors

Health visitors are registered nurses with a specialist qualification in community health and health promotion for families with young children.

Working with your GP and local children’s services your health visitor can offer support for you and your family with, for example

  • Advice on your child’s growth and development
  • Parenting support for mothers, fathers and carers
  • Information on local support networks and services, e.g. antenatal and postnatal classes
  • Support for single parents
  • Advice on the care of your baby/young child with regard to feeding, sleeping
  • Help to make sense of conflicting media messages about healthy lifestyles


Kim Finnegan (f)

Kim Finnegan (f)

Kim is based at Abingdon Health Centre, 88-92 Earls Court Road, W8 6EG where she runs the baby clinics. She can be contacted on  020 7795 8457.