Use Of Online Services – T&Cs

We offer an online facility for patients to make or cancel appointments, order repeat prescription items and access your medical record. This leaflet explains how to apply to use the system and also an application form for you to complete.



We accept applications from patients as well as their proxy. Proxy access refers to access to online services by somebody acting on behalf of the patient with the patient’s consent or for your child up to age 12.

You will need to apply online and complete the appropriate application form before any online access in enabled.

You are required to provide a photo ID (e.g. a valid passport or driving licence), together with a utility bill (within the last 3 months) or a bank statement with your current address. Other options for identification verification can include rental agreement, letter from landlord, credit card bill, benefit statement, council tax document, credit card statement, mortgage statement, P45/P60. Please note this list is not exhaustive. We will be unable to accept any application without these documents

ID verification is required to ensure access is granted to patients’/proxy users that have a legitimate reason to access a record. This will prevent access being granted to the wrong person and support the practice to adhere to information security guidelines.

For Proxy access to the record of any patient aged 12 and above, a letter of consent from the patient is also required, giving the applicant consent to have access to their Online account.

The practice reserves the right to review and remove access at any point in the future if it is thought that it is in the best interests of the patient or if the services are being misused.

Registering on the System

Once your application is accepted, you will be given the information enabling you to register for SystmOnline and set up your account. Please remember to keep your password secure and stopping others from accessing your medical information.

The practice reserves the right to review and remove access at any point in the future if it is thought that it is in the best interests of the patient or if the services are being misused.

Using the System

Appointments – You can use the system to book routine appointments with GPs. You cannot use it to book blood tests or for specific clinics (too many people were booking the wrong clinic!).

Prescriptions – You can use the online system to order Repeat Prescription items ALREADY on your Repeat Prescription Record. Please DO NOT request any items that are not already listed in your Repeat Prescription List.

Summary of Medical Record– Access is to summary information only; this gives the patients the ability to view the allergies, sensitivities and medications ONLY listed in their patient record.

When the system is unavailable

This facility is provided by the company that runs our medical record system. We have no control over the software and we do not guarantee that it will be available when you wish to use it. For the same reason, we may interrupt or stop the service without notice (although we try not to do so).

Forgotten, lost or stolen password

If you have forgotten/lost your password, or if you wish us to change or stop online access, you must apply in person and provide photo ID to verify your identity.

NOTE: We do not accept any liability for loss or damage caused by the use of the system or for its unavailability.


We will not approve on-line access to detailed coded information if it is deemed that it may cause physical and/or mental harm the patient.

Patient records will be checked by the patient’s usual doctor.

The patient’s usual doctor will be responsible for checking if patients are on certain registers for example, learning difficulties register, child protection register, mental health or have been identified as a possible victim/perpetrator of domestic abuse.

The patient’s usual doctor will consider the following:

Mental Health Problems

Patients within the practice with a mental illness have as much right as any patient to have access to their records, however:

  • If there is a likelihood that access to their record may cause an individual physical or mental harm then it may be necessary to redact some of the information within their record, or
  • In extreme circumstances, refuse access to the whole record, in this circumstance the patient’s usual doctor, who is responsible for the care of the patient will have a conversation with the patient to explain the reasons for refusal of access.

Access for children, parents and guardians

  • Child access will automatically be disabled when a child reaches the age of 12
  • A competency assessment will be carried out, regardless of outcome a parent/guardian/carer will re-apply using the Proxy Access Registration Process, where a competent child must authorise the request for Proxy Access/. This will be at the discretion of a clinician.
  • A child deemed competent may have access to their online record or authorise a parent/carer to have Proxy Access.
  • Where a child is deemed not to be competent, a parent will apply for access but will be registered as a Proxy User. (This will be reviewed by the practice annually, or when the child attends a further appointment – whichever is the sooner)

Proxy Access

A competent patient can choose and consent to allow access to relatives and/or carers. The Proxy Access application form must be completed.

The patient will authorise a Proxy Application in the following circumstances:

  • A patient who has been deemed as competent has authorised and consented to online access.
  • Circumstances when the practice will consider authorising proxy access WITHOUT the patient’s consent will be when a child 12-16 has been assessed and is deemed as not being competent to make a decision on granting proxy access. Should there be such circumstances the practice will: Ensure the patient has provided consent to the Proxy application
  • Ensure the level of access granted to the Proxy is appropriate and does not exceed what has been agreed by the patient
  • Contact families/carers of children approaching their 11th birthday to remind them that online access could potentially cease, and invite them to come to the surgery for a discussion regarding options available.


‘Coercion’ is the act of governing the actions of another by force or by threat, in order to overwhelm and compel that individual to act against their will. This means, if you think you may be pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone else against your will, it is best that you do not register for access at this time.

The practice will consider the risk of coercion on a case by case basis as requests for access are received, and if necessary will decline access. The patient’s usual doctor will discuss with the applicant the reasons for refusal of access.

If coercion is identified as a risk with regard to a patient previously registered for online services, then access will be immediately removed.


There are different levels of Access available to patients. All requests for Online Access will be dealt with on a patient by patient basis and the suggested access will be granted within the agreed timescales. All patients must be deemed competent to be granted access to Detailed Coded Data; however, some elements may be marked as sensitive/confidential and will not be shared via Online services. Access levels can be as follows:

  • Appointments, Repeat Prescriptions and Summary Information
  • Appointments, Repeat Prescriptions, Summary Information and Detailed Coded Record Access (DCRA)

The practice will not automatically grant access to Detailed Coded Records to those patients currently with access to appointments, Repeat Prescription and Summary Information. Patients wanting access to their Detailed Coded Information MUST complete and submit an additional Access Request form via the SystmOnline portal. This will be considered within the practice and granted if deemed appropriate.

At any point the practice can revoke Online Access to patients if the functionality is abused. This will be dealt with internally following practice protocols as stated as above.

Access to Detailed Coded Data will be available to patients after 21 working days from receipt of the completed application form. In certain situations, this could take longer, for example, where patients have transferred to our practice, in which case this will be 21 working days from when your records reach our practice.


Patients are able make up to 1 appointment via our online service. These can be pre-booked up to 2 weeks in advance.

The practice has a process in place for any patient abusing the online appointment booking services, this is as follows:

  • we will issue an initial warning letter
  • if this continues we will suspend online access for two calendar months
  • we will then reconsider a further application, at which point we may reinstate their online appointment booking services.
  • if the abuse continues we will inform the patient that their ability to book/cancel online appointments will be removed on a permanent basis.

Repeat Prescriptions

You can request online access for managing your Repeat Prescriptions. You can use the online service to order prescription items ALREADY on your Repeat Prescription record. Please DO NOT request any items that are not listed in your Repeat Prescription list.

You must allow 3 full working days from submission before you collect your prescription. Please note the Repeat Prescription Policy (available from reception) must be adhered to and we cannot take orders over the telephone, as this can lead to errors and delays.

Hiding sensitive consultations

All domestic abuse consultation will be highlighted as confidential and will therefore be removed from online viewing. This must be made clear to patients that anything they say in relation to this during a consultation will not be viewable online.

Any consultations of a sensitive nature may be highlighted as confidential. Access to online records will be on a patient by patient basis.

3rd Party Information

This practice will not share any information held within a clinical record that is deemed as 3rd Party Information without explicit consent from the 3rd Party. Any of our patients wanting access to these details must make the practice aware by submitting a Subject Access Request.

Contents of a medical record

During the patient online registration process patients will be issued with a Patient Online leaflet on which they are notified that their medical record may contain information that is historical and therefore forgotten, not relevant to themselves (including scanned letters), bad news or may show abnormal test results. If patients do identify any such information it is their responsibility to notify the practice immediately so we can take the appropriate action.



  1. Kensington Park Medical Centre has introduced an online system for patients to book appointments with a GP. The system also enables on-line ordering of Repeat Prescriptions and a facility to view a summary of their records. (Note: this includes allergies, sensitivities and Medications ONLY.) This document describes the terms and conditions under which you will be given access to these facilities.
  2. Each patient (ADULTS ONLY) will be given an Access ID and a Pin number which together with a password of their own choosing allows access to the facility. To prevent unauthorised usage, it is the patient’s or the patient’s guardian’s responsibilities to keep this information secure. If you believe that your access information has been lost or has been compromised, you will need to inform Kensington Park Medical Centre immediately. Access rights will be suspended and new access information will be provided to the patient. Kensington Park Medical Centre may withdraw access to the facility from anyone using it inappropriately.
  3. The on-line booking facility is provided by a third party supplier and uses secure protocols to provide reasonable data security. Nevertheless, you agree that Kensington Park Medical Centre shall not be liable for any breach of patient confidentiality arising from the use of the facility however it is caused.
  4. The Repeat Prescriptions facility must only be used to order those items displayed on your Repeat Prescription List. If you wish to order anything other than those displayed, please complete this form. (Note: Prescriptions cannot be requested over the telephone.) If you continually request any item that is not on your Repeat Prescription List then access to this facility may be withdrawn.
  5. The facility is a supplementary service and as such may be suspended or withdrawn without notice. Kensington Park Medical Centre makes no warranty as to the reliability or availability of the facility which is provide on an ‘as is’ basis.
  6. I understand that the Data Protection Act specifies that Kensington Park Medical Centre should provide access to your records within 21 days if they have been added to between 1 to 39 days previously. If they have not been added to for 40 days or more, access will be provided in no more than 40 days. Therefore, Detailed Coded Record Access should be available to patients after 21 working days from receipt of the completed application form. In certain situations, this could take longer, for example, where patients have transferred to our practice, in which case this will be 21 working days from when your records reach our practice.