What is a Repeat Prescription?

Medication that is authorised by your GPrequired to be taken regulalry for chronic or ongoing medical conditions. They can then be requested on a regular basis directly from the practice without having to see your GP on each occasion.

All repeat medicines can only be continued if they are regularly reviewed by the GP/Surgery Pharmacist. This is for patients’ clinical safety, to assess your medical condition, the effects of the medication & any monitoring or blood testing that is necessary.

How to request a Repeat Prescription

We do not accept requests by telephone as names can easily be confused and cause clinical risks.

As a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation repeat prescriptions will take a little longer than usual to process.

Please give us at least 5 working days notice for your repeat prescriptions to be processed and sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy

You can request your Repeat Medication in the following ways:

  • Use online services – This is the most effective and quickest way and we encourage patients to register for online services for repeat prescriptions and accessing your medical record and appointments.
  • Sending the request in the post with a stamped address envelope (please use the printed request form on the ‘right hand side’ of the prescription). You can drop your prescription request through our letterbox (this is located in the concrete pillar to the right hand side of the surgery entrance. This can take longer to process.
  • As a result of Covid-19 it is not possible to enter the surgery to drop of a prescription request
  • Please make your own request and do not ask your pharmacy to do this for you. In line with new NHS guidance we are not able to accept requests from pharmacists
  • Remember  You cannot make requests by telephone

Common causes for delay prescribing your repeat medication:

You medication or clinical condition review is overdue – Help us by making sure you make regular appointments as required

The requested medication is no longer or was not on your repeat list

There is a need to change the medication or dose

You need further monitoring in order to prescribe the medication safely – Help us by making appointments for this when requested or displayed on your request

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

The practice now issues all prescriptions  via EPS which means that your prescription goes directly to the pharmacy of your choice and avoids unnecessary visits to the surgery.  This will be your “nominated pharmacy” and you are able to change this if needed. This is more beneficial for our patients as you will not need to visit the surgery to collect a prescription and scripts cannot be lost. Your pharmacy can then prepare your medication more effectively.

You simply need to then visit your nominated pharmacy, provide your details and then collect your medication.

Please give us at least 5 working days notice for your repeat prescriptions to be processed and sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy

Unfortunately certain medications cannot be sent using EPS as a result of regulation. These medications include:

  • Controlled drugs (e.g. Tramadol, Morphine, Oramorph, Fentanyl, etc)
  • Private prescriptions


Why does it take 48 hours or longer to process a repeat prescription request?

Our prescription clerk has to check your medical records to ensure that your medication request is on your repeat prescription, then transfer the request to your doctor or Surgery Pharmacist who also have busy clinics.  Between clinics, your doctor/Surgery Pharmacist will check the medication to ensure that it is still appropriate for you and that you have had appropriate monitoring including blood tests and a review of your clinical condition. This takes time to do and is for your safety.

Delays may occur if your medication request is not on your repeat prescription or if your medication request is different from what your doctor has prescribed for you or if your doctor wished to change your medication.