Travel Clinic

Take simple steps to protect you and your family

We currently offer a travel health service and aim to provide travellers with advice for safe travel which may or may not include travel vaccinations. We are a registered Yellow Fever Centre. In order to receive or be seen for a travel consultation (including vaccination), You MUST complete the travel health questionnaire (see below) in order to continue with your appointment.

Please complete the travel consultation form at least 4 weeks before travelling. Ideally 6-8 weeks to allow sufficient time to obtain advice, for an appointment to be made if necessary and for some courses of vaccines to become effective.

If you do not leave sufficient time for an appointment to be made you will be advised to go to an alternative private travel clinic.

You can also obtain information on how to prepare for healthy travel and see which vaccinations you might need by using the NHS Choices or Fit for Travel or Travel Health Pro site.



There is currently a national shortage of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A vaccines. We have limited supplies of Hepatitis A vaccine but are not able to offer Hepatitis B vaccination at this time.  We will keep you updated when new stocks are available later this year.

Travel Health Questionnaire

Are you a registered patient at Kensington park Medical Centre?

  • Yes
  • No – You will be directed to the patient registration page

Non registered patients (e.g. visitors) can be seen privately for Immunisations – Please answer Yes to above and mention you are not registered when completing the form.

Vaccines available on the NHS

Most common travel vaccinations such as:

  • Tetanus/diphtheria/polio/typhoid/Hepatitis A

Non NHS vaccinations

Certain vaccines are not provided by the NHS and so there will be a private fee payable for these. These include the following:

  • Yellow fever, Hepatitis B, Meningitis ACWY (often given for travel to Mecca for the Hajj), Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis

Please contact reception for current prices

Anti-Malarial medication

This is not available on the NHS and you have to pay a private fee for these tablets.

We charge a private prescription fee for the anti-malarial medicine. You will then need to pay for the cost of the medicines themselves separately at the pharmacy.