Common Admin Enquiries

Below you can find answers to some questions that are frequently asked by patients to our Reception staff.

Test Results

Most blood test results should be available after 7 working days.

Our patients can request a copy of their using our Consultation service –

Some other tests results may take longer, and you will be advised of this when the sample is taken.

Requests for reports, letters, completion of claim forms, Medicals etc. (NON NHS work)

If the doctor agrees to provide a letter, a report, complete a form or a medical report there is charge as this is not NHS work. The agreed fee will be paid in full, by the patient, PRIOR to completion of the item requested. These can take up to 21 days to process.

Request for copy of medical record

These requests can take up to 21 days to complete and there is usually no charge.

Requests for medical records for patients who have left the practice or are deceased

When a patient is no longer registered at a medical practice because they have changed practices, moved abroad or deceased, their complete medical record is returned to Primary Care Support England (PCSE).  For any information relating to their GP record please contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre, which is open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday for all services.

Phone: 0333 014 2884
Post: Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN

Results for tests/procedures NOT carried out or requested by Kensington Park Medical Centre

If a patient has had any tests elsewhere that was not requested by the surgery (e.g., it was requested in the hospital by the hospital doctor); then the patient must contact the hospital department/consultant who arranged the tests for their results and to arrange a follow up with that department/doctor.

Change of Address

If a patient moved address, then they need to submit an e-consultation with their new address details to the practice using our e-Consult service using this link: Kensington Park Medical Centre (

The patient should attach documentation confirming the new address. Provided they are still within our catchment area, their address will be updated on their medical record within 5 working days.

However, if a patient has moved to an address outside our catchment area they will be contacted and advised that they need to re-register with a GP Practice closer to their new address.  A deduction request will be sent to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) in 2 weeks.  This allows the patient sufficient time to find and register with a new GP Practice.

FIT note (sick note)

Patients should self-certify their sickness if the period of sickness is 7 days or less. If the sickness if for 8 days or more, the patient should submit an e-consult to request at FIT note (sick note) from their usual Doctor using our e-Consult service.

Kensington Park Medical Centre (

DWP and PIP reports/letters

The practice/your doctor does not issue reports or letters for the DWP/PIP unless they have been requested directly by them. Doctors will not issue reports or letters for the DWP or PIP if requested by a patient and they will not be issued to the patient.